The strada della Forra:
«The eighth wonder of the world»
sir Winston Churchill

Strada della Forra:

the most beautiful panoramic road on Lake Garda

The Strada della Forra, or Sp 38, is described as one of the most beautiful roads in the world as well as being certainly the most beautiful panoramic road on Lake Garda.

Precisely because of its breathtaking view and the hairpin bends that climb the mountain with the image of the lake always in the background, it was used as a backdrop in the filming of the Quantum of Solace film of the agent 007 James Bond saga.

Tremosine sul Garda is a paradise to discover: take up the challenge!

It will remain in your heart!

Where is Strada della Forra and how to reach it?

Strada della Forra is located in the Municipality of Tremosine sul Garda. It can be reached uphill starting from the Gardesana road or, downhill, from the village of Pieve. Pay attention to the travel instructions.

It remains closed, until a date to be established, following a landslide event on 16 December 2023, uphill from Km 0 (intersection between Gardesana and Strada della Forra, Località Porto) to Km 3 (near the Madonnina) due to a landslide event.
For those arriving from the north of Lake Garda, the plateau with the 17 villages of Tremosine can be reached by traveling along the Gardesana (sp 45 bis), continuing up to Limone and going up from Bassanega. Once you arrive in Pieve you can go down and walk along the open section.
For those arriving from the south of the lake we recommend the same solution but it is also possible to reach Tremosine by deviating towards Tignale.
The village of Campione, on the lake, can be reached as always along the Gardesana road.
Both restaurants located along the street are open and reachable

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The history

Strada della Forra is so called because it crosses the gorge (forra in italian) carved out by the Brasa stream.
Also known as “Porto-Pieve” road, it was designed by Arturo Cozzaglio from Tremosine (self-taught, engineer without a degree, hydrologist and geologist, creator of arduous works of construction science) and was built between 1908 and 1913.


visionary and farsighted characters of the time Don Giacomo Zanini, parish priest in Vesio, and Don Michele Miles who at the time was also a municipal councilor.
They convinced Count Vincenzo Bettoni, then deputy, of the goodness of the enterprise, considered by many to be impossible. He interested Giuseppe Zanardelli, head of the government. With a special law it was established that the Government would finance half of the work, a quarter would be paid by the Province and the rest by the Municipality. The works began in 1908 and lasted over 4 years, with skilled workers coming mainly from Serle.
The chronicles narrate that on 18 May 1913, the day of the inauguration, the road was traveled by cars and by a huge number of people from all over the province. The Mayor of the time Domenico Milesi gave this speech, which has now entered history: “Today Tremosine celebrates its greatest event, today Tremosine sees its vows crowned, and the isolation to which it was condemned for so many centuries removed, and it sees itself united to the civilized world. Today Tremosine with its new road rises to a new and prosperous life…” Never was a prophecy more true, the advent of the road brought well-being and tourism. The correspondent of the Frankfurter Zeitung, who had specially arrived from Germany, dubbed it “the most beautiful road in the world”. Even today the SP38 (suggestive even in the evening thanks to the spectacular lighting in the narrowest point of the Gorge) is considered one of the most spectacular routes in Italy.

James Bond
on stage in Tremosine sul Garda

Strada della Forra was the protagonist in the opening scene of “Quantum of Solace” with a breathtaking chase that saw the most famous secret agent in the world, the legendary James Bond, the 007 at the service of Her British Majesty, as protagonist .
The scenic charm and the breathtaking views of this road, which seems to be the gateway to Eden, have been chosen by two Hollywood giants such as Sony Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, producing companies of the 22nd episode of the secret agent 007 saga portrayed by Daniel Craig.
Along its bends perched on the mountain overlooking the Garda, the breathtaking chase takes place between James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS and a Ford GT40, which will whiz at full speed dodging bullets and other passing cars, involving in their crazy race also some trucks, with a captivating outline of explosions and vehicles crashing along the rocky walls.

“Porto-Pieve road” climbs from Gardesana towards the green plateaus of Tremosine crossing the gorge of the Brasa stream, thus becomes the setting for a breathtaking chase starring the most famous secret agent in the world, the legendary James Bond. , 007 in the service of Her British Majesty. he is a true “star” of the small and big screen, but also of the printed media. In 2008 a daring chase of the film “The international” was staged along the Porto-Pieve, produced by the film giant Columbia Pictures, directed by Tom Tykwer. (the film will be in cinemas next October). Over the years, television commercials for the European market of prestigious car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes have been shot here, as well as advertising campaigns for Ferrari and more. The spot for the sports version of the Seat Leon was also shot here and the motorcyclist champion Loris Capirossi was the testimonial. The motorcyclists made this street their home setting off a succession of articles and road tests on the major newspapers specialized, such as Motociclismo and Due Ruote to name a few. Roberto Parodi, writer and multifaceted showman recorded the first episode of “Sali a Borgo” here, a journey on the road among the most beautiful villages in Italy. But the cyclists? They could not miss it and therefore the road becomes the host of the memorable Campagnolo spot. But the Strada della Forra is also an ideal location for music videos: Alessandra Amoroso shot here “Comunque Andare” while Frah Quintale shot “Due ali”.

110° Anniversary
Strada della Forra

Thanks to the contribution of the Lombardy Region, which co-financed the event through the Every Day in Lombardy call, we will be able to give due prominence to an event that has marked the history of our territory. The official celebrations, which will take place on 18 and May 21, 2023, will retrace the historic inauguration, through a modern reinterpretation, providing for initiatives both along the road and in the hamlets of Pieve and Vesio.” are the words of Frigerio Francesca, President of the Pro Loco Tremosine promoter of the event.

2023 will therefore once again see the Strada della Forra as the protagonist of the already very rich schedule of events in Tremosine sul Garda with activities that will take place throughout the year: excursions, guided tours, shuttle-bus tours, workshops for children and a photo contest.

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The event is organized in collaboration with:
Municipality of Tremosine sul Garda
Patronage: Province of Brescia and Strada della Forra Association
Main Sponsors: Bcc Garda, Alpe del Garda, Tavina

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How to travel along Strada della Forra

Strada della Forra is therefore a path to be discovered and admired that can be traveled in different ways.
Its length is 5.8 Km with a difference in height of about 200 meters, it starts from “Gardesana” road and reaches the hamlet of Pieve in the Municipality of Tremosine sul Garda. The instructions on how to travel the road according to the period are shown at the top of the site.
For more information you can contact Associazione Pro Loco Tremosine 

Strada della forra by motorbike and by car

The easiest way to travel the Forra road is certainly by motorbike or car. You may also feel a bit like James Bond, but please drive carefully!
Once you arrive at the Village of Pieve, belonging to the club of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”, you can visit many iconic places such as the Scala Tonda, the various Terrazze del Brivido, etc. 

Strada della Forra by camper

For those who want to enjoy the road in relaxation, there is the possibility of traveling along it in a camper, with a maximum height of 3 meters, bearing in mind that it is preferable to do that only when the one-way uphill is in operation.
We strongly advise to drive into the street during other periods.


Strada della Forra by bus

Regular buses cross “Strada della Forra” according to different timetable varying by the season.
During the summer, a shuttle bus service is organized. It leaves from the village of Campione, crosses the road, and reaches Pieve and the upland.
Because of limited seats, and for more information, you can contact Pro Loco Tremosine at 0365.953185 or e-mail to

Strada della Forra on foot

If you choose to walk along “Strada della Forra”, you can enjoy the breathtaking view and take advantage of the viewpoints to take some photos. Starting from Pieve you can descend along the old and steep path of the Port, in the past the only connection with the lake, alongside rocky walls with Mediterranean vegetation, to reach the “Strada della Forra”, imagined by the famous Ing. Cozzaglio, an incredible work especially for the era in which it was made. The grandeur of nature combined with human ingenuity will manifest itself in the gorge carved by the Brasa stream from which you will ascend to return to Pieve where you can admire the lake from its terraces again. The route has a first steep section with some exposures, not suitable for those suffering from vertigo.


Strada della Forra ” by bicycle

And why not travel “Strada della Forra” by bicycle, mountain bike or with a new e-bike?
Even if uphill, the view and the clean air you breathe are absolutely worth it … and the effort!
In Tremosine sul Garda there are rental and recharge points that will suit your needs, discover them here

Discover the events on Strada della Forra

Periodically Pro Loco Tremosine organizes guided excursions and tour to Strada della Forra with qualified personnel. For more information and reservations, contact the telephone number  0365953185 or e-mail to

Where to eat on Strada della Forra: hospitality and restaurants

It’s normal that after filling the eyes with so many beautiful things, the stomach also wants its part.

In Tremosine sul Garda there are many opportunities to taste local delicacies.


Discover our gastronomic offer…

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